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About us

Our family story is a family-focused travel and lifestyle website, that shares our adventures and experiences as we explore Hoian, Vietnam, and beyond.

Our family is passionate about discovering new places, and sharing our discoveries with others. We believe that travel is not just about visiting new destinations, but also about connecting with people and experiencing new cultures.

Our website is dedicated to sharing our honest and personal reviews of cafes, hotels, resorts, and kid-friendly playgrounds, with a focus on environmentally friendly and natural locations.

Furthermore, introducing kids to such artful and culturally significant places is an excellent way to instill in them a love for heritage and an appreciation for different cultures.

At, we believe that life is an adventure, and we are on a mission to inspire others to seize every opportunity to make memories and connect with the world. Join us as we share our family’s journey, and let us be your guide to the most family-friendly and nature-rich destinations in Vietnam.


Let’s make travel a part of your family’s story, and discover the world together!

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